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    because the admins and devs continue ignoring us ... i will show u, what i founded out, because i guess they will let it run for months ... or they will never change something they release 2.7 and stopped, to work on it .... otherwise there would be communication about this released crap version ..... but only silence and no updates. this is disappointing ... but they dont care ... and instead of fixing it to make it playable, it looks like they have more important things to do ... AND OF COURSE THEY DONT ROLLBACK TO 2.5 WHERE EVERYTHING WORKED FINE FOR THE MOST PEOPLE (even if i know that 90% won't do that i share it will all "non-russian-speaking-persons") first go to a translation page, i use: https://translate.yandex.com/ make a screenshot ingame with "print" - button edit the screenshot cut only what u want to translate (Examples) ... then, insert this HERE and translate to your language or english, to understand, whats going on. really sad to play on this server and see how everything dies