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  1. I have played on this server on 2.1 to 2.5 ... so many months , I've had a great time playing here even if the host was bad for international players like I am , if they would've been serious about this server direction... they would've kept it in good shape and still advertising about it , but instead they make another server of 3.5 and invested all of them resources into this without caring about people that spent so much time and effort into 2.5 server ;( , is pity and sad that happen
  2. Дальнейшие планы

    Come on , we need some updates indeed!
  3. WTS / Prodam Veille / Gera STAFF

    Can be closed thread , SOLD for 2.3kkk!
  4. WTS / Prodam Veille / Gera STAFF

    UP ,still for SALE , price = 2.5kkk!
  5. WTS / Prodam Veille / Gera STAFF

    Still up for sale ,looking for offers.
  6. Обменяю кинару с асмо на нях

    Reliable and very trustful trader / person ,a good player to play among.
  7. WTS / Prodam Veille / Gera STAFF

    Update , now it is +10 and has a godstone of high damage , looking for offers.
  8. WTS / Prodam Veille / Gera STAFF

    Offers pm in game "Ancestral" or on forum . Have a nice day.