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  1. This is the evidence video you want. I was killed by him(Unselectable death state) for the first time. In order to prove the bug, I was rised.
  2. I only care about when the three problems I mentioned will be resolved: 1.unable to get food in the apartment 2.use the return corridor, when back i can’t use the wind road 3. I found that the problem still exists today in rus time about 6:30am
  3. You ignored my other questions. What the player needs is an explanation. You can explain that this is a general problem instead of ignoring or perfunctory.
  4. You're right. I have been unable to get food in the apartment for a week. Every time I use the return corridor, I can’t use the wind road. The inclined position is easy to fall into the ground. These details determine the experience of the game. There are some problems that you cannot easily solve, we understand, but your attitude those bug report is perfunctory and indifferent.
  5. There are too many bugs now.No explanation, no response. And your attitude is the reason for the decrease in the number of players. Have you thought about it?
  6. Никнейм даэва: Kassadin Никнейм охотника: Dh
  7. The status of the NPC is wrong like this,looks very ugly。 In residential area
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