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  1. ================================Low lvl dungeons================================ Nochsana Trainig Camp (25+) - Насан Fire Temple (27+) - СО/Святилище огня/Кромед Aetherogenetics Lab (35+) - Лаба повстанцев/Лаборатория/Повстанцы Alquimia Research Center (35+) - Альквимия/Лаба асмы Azoturan Fortress (35+) - Адж/Аджотуран (Mission "Fragment of memory 3" - Эпизод из прошлого 3) Draupnir Cave (39+) - Драуб/Драубнир/Бакрама Steel Rake (40+) - Плавник/Плавень/Атин Indratu Fortress (41+) - Индрата ================================Mid lvl dungeons=====
  2. Hi. On what faction will you play?
  3. Hello english community! Are you new to the game and need help? Do you like and want to help others? Do you like to do PVE and PVP with same people? KAMIKAZE PENGUINS What do we offer? - daily dungeons, raids; daily PvP (so PvP players most welcomed); Dredgion; Sieges. - weekly BM quests; AC quests. - fun members, helpful. !Future plans! !Full Bastion, Hyperion legion run! Legion information: Level: 5 Active members: 30 If you like to join us, feel free to comment down below or contact one of
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