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  1. i will not get VIP here anymore, until u let it die like that † rip destiny 2.7
  2. HOW TO HANDLE, what admins ignore !!!

    because the admins and devs continue ignoring us ... i will show u, what i founded out, because i guess they will let it run for months ... or they will never change something they release 2.7 and stopped, to work on it .... otherwise there would be communication about this released crap version ..... but only silence and no updates. this is disappointing ... but they dont care ... and instead of fixing it to make it playable, it looks like they have more important things to do ... AND OF COURSE THEY DONT ROLLBACK TO 2.5 WHERE EVERYTHING WORKED FINE FOR THE MOST PEOPLE (even if i know that 90% won't do that i share it will all "non-russian-speaking-persons") first go to a translation page, i use: make a screenshot ingame with "print" - button edit the screenshot cut only what u want to translate (Examples) ... then, insert this HERE and translate to your language or english, to understand, whats going on. really sad to play on this server and see how everything dies
  3. only when the last player has left the server, because he is fucked up like the devs fuck up here THEN ... (the devs) they will be finally happy ..... i dont understand this "i dont care" mentality .... NOTHING is happening here since days no support for non-russian, no bugfixes, no information, no communication ... and most important of all OF COURSE ... no rollback to 2.5, where everything was fine and playable is there still someone working on the server? ^^ or was the goal to patch it and let it die? because how u manage this server looks like [email protected] Destiny first ... i thanked him because he expand my vip after i asked for it (fcking server goes 6 days in beta mode, where also nothing happens ^^) .... but ... i am happy that my friends also got their vip expanded WITHOUT ASKING FOR IT Congratulations ... your ignorance level: MAX more then that .... just telling us "soon" This is not true. But that time has passed. if some people wanna know, how i can handle to "play the game", let me know and i will share it. until then, have fun to let it die more and more ... day for day lifeless dead, deceased disappointment upset chagrin discontent failure a bad joke !!! helpless !!! dissatisfaction technical support DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME NOW ?! by the way ... i coult open a new thread because this annoying and frustrating bug "target can't be targeted" on 2.5 it was a little bit buggy but in 2.7 u get this every 2-3 minutes so guys .... better dont play healers guys ^^ your team will hate you and you will hate the game and the inactivity of the admins .... i laugh my ass of when i imagine, that they WILL do something, to fix bugs like that
  4. Сервер запущен

    i guess u have to reach level 10 or 12 first to write and read in world chat.... i am not sure because i cannot read kyrillian font.... and the server is still so empty because they dont give a fuck i am nearly done with this server....
  5. Сервер запущен

    haha ^^ thanks for your answers guys ^^ to make it clear: i was just baiting to get a reaction, because i am very frustrated .... so many people dont play here , because its unplayable at the moment.... it is so sad.... instead of letting it grow and support the server .... just let it die and dont care ^^ when i see how they announce some shit and how they release and support it.... i get very angry.... and sad not the fault of the nice people who are playing here....
  6. Сервер запущен

    this is how to lose people.... i am playing with two friends.... they are experts and this kyrilic makes us so angry every day AGAIN and AGAIN if someone of the admins or mods would react.... maybe i could help to make it run.... but when i see how many times @Destiny is online but he never reacts to me the only answer was "SOON" ....... but soon is over.... NOTHING HAPPENS.... the admin is just happy to make it run under 2.7 for his russian friends... and thats all..... we don't care him very well done @Destiny - NOT!!! † thank you for let the server die more and more.... just do nothing, lie more to us when u say soon and nothing happens.... not much longer and we all will leave this! When you force us to handle this kyrillic russian only SHIT (sorry, but it is FUCKING UNPLAYABLE) U CANT LOCATE OR CRAFT - WHEN U WANNA GIVE LEAD TO SOMEONE U LEAVE GROUPS IN INSTANCES..... WE ALL DONT UNDERSTAND YOUR HYROGLYPHES but ignore me more pls....i guess u are a racist
  7. l10n 2.7 English my relase

    no one understands right.... this is is proper l10n folder (english) ! we also have a german l10n folder. on 2.5 it was possible to change the language easy to delete l10n and insert english folder .... for friends the german l10n works but i got this "not avaiable in your region" error @ startup.... renaming the german with the english files fixed it completely for me and my game had eng dub & ger sub THAT WAS SO PERFECT but now.... they release a ultra slim RUSSIAN ONLY version of 2.7.... but what sucks the most is.... WHY U MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO FIX AND WHY U DONT GIVE INFORMATIONS ABOUT UPDATE? u sayed only "soon" ... google translated it with "Son" .... and also aion is such a nice game but with this shit u destroy the fun for so many peoples... thats not fair and i guess u dont deserve more rubel from me for VIP.... u admins and hosters DONT GIVE A F*** about us ... or it would be fixed... but it will keep WEEKS / MONTHS or u let it be like that because u fucked up with the datas.... i dont know.... but why someone would configure a server like that.... or just say it, that only russians are welcome.... this is how u let the server die instead of giving us all the possibility to ONLY PLAY THIS GAME.... i dont know why u do a 600MB PAK - FILE ..when it should look like * not even an aion exe u have configured.... just an aion.bin..... NO 64-bit..... only 32.... this is my last try to get help from u... Kameraden!!!!
  8. Сервер запущен

  9. ... and still no possibility for insert a german or english l10n!!! please fix this finally
  10. l10n 2.7 English my relase

    Please Admin! Fix this, it is really hard for people who dont know everything in aion!!!
  11. Когда поставят 2.7 ? Или уже все

    2.7 @Destiny Greatest Fail since AION Rebirth -.-
  12. Сервер запущен

    no english language, no german language.... ok ... i see.... you don't wanna have people on your server! worst support ever! really! have fun with your RUSSIAN-ONLY-AION! first this beta shit ... and now this!!! fail devs
  13. l10n 2.7 English my relase

    whatever! There will be never a proper solution because they don't care about non-russian -.- how dissapointing
  14. Сервер запущен

    Vielen Dank, Meister Slaydon! Looks like the developers dont care about non-russian players..... very sad