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  1. Сервер запущен

  2. l10n 2.7 English my relase

    Hello guys I have the English l10n folder as promised. The l10n of mine doesn't work with the launcher yet the admins have to release the language first. If you want to test whether my l10n works, create a BAT file and start AION local Have FUN
  3. Сервер запущен

    Hello guys iam uploading a working l10n English Version from 2.7. The admins must fix it in launcher. i can start the game via bt file so i can test that my l10n enlgish is working. My internet connection ist not very fast pls whait 3 Hours for my upload
  4. Lags at Chandra Dredgion

    Hello guys i have extreme lags When i go C-Dred all other instances and raid works perfect. But in Chandra dred the game is so laggy what can i go? System speccs 8gb ddr3 amd 8350fx at 4,2 ghz geforce gtx 1060 and the game runs on ssd drive
  5. L10N German

    Aion 2.5 German l10n
  6. 2.5 bin 32 Error

    I know 2.5 is not live but i cant start the Game for Test
  7. [SOLVED] Admin Pls Help BUG

    big thx
  8. [SOLVED] Admin Pls Help BUG

    Hello i have a Problem and make a video Can you help me ?