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Found 1 result

  1. Additional reward for MKAD sieges

    Dear players! We've implemented an additional reward for MKAD sieges. To receive the reward: 1) Your faction must own less than 2 MKAD fortresses; 2) It is necessary to stay in a league with the number of members more than 50, until the end of a siege or until a fortress gets captured; 3) You must obtain 1000 AP or more in the siege zone. The reward for participation: Major Ancient Crown x1 Polar Bear Form Candy x3 The reward for successful capture of a fortress: Major Ancient Crown x2 Polar Bear Form Candy x5 IMPORTANT! To receive the reward you must have free space in your mailbox. * This reward applies only to participation in MKAD sieges. * The reward for participation and the reward for successful capture don't stack. The original post