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Found 11 results

  1. Update #25

    The following bugs got fixed: Deadly Abandon; Brand of Nemesis; The problem with the black list; Removed invisible barriers; An incorrect number of attack speed when there are bonuses from two weapons; Random disbanding of a party; Boss Ragnarok; Killing common guards in forts of Abyss now gives 60 AP. Craft: Fixed extra triggering of the craft counter at crit craft. Quests: A Safer Crater; Octanu's Lair; The Shugo Menace; [Instance/Group] Rescuing Haorunerk; Jotun Jaunt; Making Setzkiki Laugh; The Exterminator; The Sorcerer Preceptor's Task; [Instance] Taming Manual; Easy as 4,3,2,1; Munching Mookie Pickles. The original post
  2. Update #24

    Fixed: • Monsters’ aggression radius • "Hellpath Entrance" mission • Grogget’s endless shield • Monsters' evasion at the Sky Temple • "White" strike resist (from 51 lvl) • <Ripple of Purification> (obstacle) • Fixed the damage logging of summons and traps • Debuffs after using <Sandstorm Trap> • <Retreating Slash> can be used with one-handed weapon • Cap of Magic Boost is now in accordance with the current version – 2600 • Fixed chanter’s <Protective Ward> • You can’t use <Hide> if you get damaged, but not if you aggro'ed a monster • Healing skills now heal HP instantly (not after an animation) • Visual bug of displaying NPC prices • Monsters now can detect <Hide II> • Quest <In-Cider Trading> • Quest <[Spy/Group] The Draupnir Weapons> • Corrected NPC’s working: Katia • Quest <[Top Expert] Alchemy Expert> • Problems with legion’s leveling up • Quest <[Group] A Guard's Curse> • Problems with brokers • Item <Unknown Petal> • Fixed the work of Death Mabolo • <[Group] Dredging the Dredgion> • Corrected respawn time of Gelkmaros monsters • Corrected the distance of free falling (now it's shorter than before) • Fixed the “Friends List” tab • Quest <Where's Belbua?> • Quest <[Group] Pressing the Attack> • Quest <[Group] Damaging the Dredgion> • Quest <Healing Elixir> The original post
  3. Update #23

    Now "Transformation: Guardian General" saves its effect even after a character logs out of the game; Fixed interactions with the barriers in all abyssal fortresses: now you can attack targets through an inactive barrier; Implemented the world raid bosses: Sematariux / Padmarashka:
  4. Update #22

    Implemented a loot distribution system within a league; Implemented a kinah distribution system within a league; Fixed distribution of kinah within a group / alliance: now kinah is distributed only among those who are no more than 100 meters away from the player; Fixed incorrect display of information about alliances (number of participants) within a league; Fixed display of notifications about the use of the skill "Transformation: Guardian General"; Auto-event 1x1: now cooldowns of all skills reset at entering; Fixed the chance of dropping keys in the dungeon "Aetherogenetics Lab"; Fixed incorrect behavior of Sealed Akaimum in Theobomos Lab. The original post
  5. Update #21

    Fixed teleportation of a target after putting it in the Stumbled state; Fixed sliding of a target after putting it in the Stumbled state; Fixed incorrect amount of exp gained from the quests where you exchange balaur hearts for recipes; Fixed the quest "The Klaws' Secret"; Fixed incorrect stats of Lakhane's Kerchief; Now the winner of Dredgion is always determined by the number of gained points. The original post
  6. Update #20

    Fixed incorrect animation of the knocking back effect; Fixed incorrect animation of the pulling effect (now it renders more smoothly); Fixed animation of the teleport statues in Sanctum/Pandaemonium during teleportation; Asmodians can no longer use the Secret Passage of Indratu Legion; Added spawning of the named mobs which were missing at the Marabata Lake in Dark Poeta; Fixed incorrect display of manastones and incorrect display of an enchantment level when viewing detailed info about the player. The original post
  7. Update #19

    Fixed triggering of the Stumbled state after use of some skills with the pulling effect; Fixed the bug that made a target get pushed back after being pulled; Random effects from physical critical hits that make a target stumbled/knocked back are now applied after the end of the hit animation, and not before it starts; Added a chat command to cancel participation in the 1x1 PvP event: .pvp 0 ; The time of the 1x1 event is changed from even to odd hours (from 08:00 to 22:00 GMT/UTC every 2 hours). The original post
  8. Update #18

    Now teleportation to the fortresses of Abyss becomes unavailable right after killing the gatekeeper, and not after his disappearance as it was before; Fixed problem with the artifact skills that had to be applied repeatedly, but in fact were applied only once; Spawning of Commander Bakarma no longer requires killing the other bosses in the instance. The original post
  9. Update #17

    Now balaurs can capture artifacts in Abyss; Fixed the quest "[Spy] Researching the Pretor"; Fixed the quest "[Spy] Our Man in Elysea"; Fixed The Private Store (now it doesn't crash your visitors' game); Gold medals have been added to the droplists of AP chests in the instances of Miren, Kysis, and Krotan fortresses; The quests "[Spy] There And Back Again" and "A Teleportation Experiment" now cannot get restarted; Fixed Assassin's skill "Aethertwisting" (needs a test). The original post
  10. Update #16

    Fixed spiritmaster's skill "Weaken Spirit"; Fixed taking damage when using the elevator in the Eltnen Fortress; Fixed looping of the cutscene on the quest "Fragment of Memory 2" The 1x1 auto-event now will be available on a regular basis. You can join the Event within the first 15 minutes of every second hour from 09:00 to 21:00 UTC (including 09:00 and 21:00). To register to the Event, type in the chat command .pvp The original post
  11. Update #15

    Fixed the incorrect display of the macro list after re-logging in; Changed the activation chance of an engraved rune depending on the character level; Fixed the problem with the inability to attack a target after using templar's "leash"; Now all the rifts in all the zones are open permanently; On Sunday (the 14. Oct.) from 16:00 to 16:15 UTC, we will open registration to the automatic 1x1 pvp event. The event will work in a test mode. The registration will be available to the players of the levels 31-50. Enemies will be selected depending on your lvl (31-40, 41-49, 50). To register, type in the chat command ".pvp".