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Found 3 results

  1. Dear players, we continue to adjust the rules of the server, as it grows and develops. Today we want to add an important point that will help us deal with fraud on the server. The new point: 3.9. It is forbidden to buy VIP privileges for kinah. It means ANY sale of VIP privileges will be punished with account sanctions. Soon we'll add transferable VIP privileges to the in-game store for your convenience. Read the full list of rules here
  2. Update on February, 16. 3.4. It is forbidden to use obscene language and to insult the other players (only LFG and regional channels are moderated); 3.5. Insults, other inappropriate behavior in a dialogue with the Administration of the server (or Administration's representatives) is forbidden; 3.6. Placing advertisement, promotional materials, links to other game projects is forbidden; 3.7. Exploitation of game bugs is forbidden; 3.8. It is forbidden to use third-party software. Server Rules are found here
  3. Update of the server rules on 28 November 2018 3. Users are prohibited from: 3.1. Selling game values for non-game currency, selling or exchanging game accounts; 3.2. Any arrangement between players of opposite factions including AP trade and other dishonest manipulations; 3.3. Dupe / storing duped in-game items. Server rules