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Found 3 results

  1. Update 2.5: date and time

    Dear players, on April, 19 at 19:00 GMT the server will be shut down for maintenance to install the patch 2.5. The server will become available again at 12:00 GMT on April, 20. The game client of version 2.5 is already available for download:
  2. 2.1 Update

    Dear players, 2.1 is coming very soon! And for now, we'll tell you about the most significant features of this update. Patch notes Some changes: No quest completion required to enter Stormwing's dungeon; Veille and Mastarius will spawn each week on Sundays taking turns (i.e. Veille spawns in one week and Mastarius in another); All fortresses and artifacts will be given away to balaurs; New PvE and PvP events! Other changes during the server operation are also possible. And here is a teaser trailer for you to watch (but it's in Russian at the moment ) -------------------------------------- Best regards, Aion Destiny team
  3. [UPGRADE] Open beta of the 2.1 patch

    The time has come! 11 December: open beta of the 2.1 patch; 13 December: all the servers will be shut down to prepare for the upgrade; 15 December: here comes Aion 2.1!! Yeehaw!!