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Change of vendor sale limit

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The administration decided to change the limits for the vendor sale

From now on, the sales limit for characters 50+ lvl will be increased and the sales limit for lower levels will be decreased.

The table of sale limits relative to the level can be observed below:

Level 1-10 - 31.735 Kinah.

Level 11-20 - 153.703 kinah.

Level 21-30 - 1.449.636 kinah.

Level 31-40 - 4.500.385 kinah.

Level 41-50 - 9.164.574 kinah.

Level 51-55 - 21.138.547 kinah.

Please note, the sale limit is tied to your PC.

Changes will take effect tomorrow 05.17.2019

Edited by K-2

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